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Medical Wigs

Synthetic wigs have been available for a long time and are used by people who want to transform their looks for cosmetic purposes. However, there are also medical wigs for people who have lost their hair due to medical conditions or treatments. These medical wigs are now available for people in need of it.

What are medical wigs?

Medical wigs referred to as cranial prosthesis is produced with human hair follicles and are free from animal or synthetic fibers. These human hair wigs are made especially for patients with medical hair loss, alopecia, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or any other treatment resulting in hair loss.

Losing your hair can take an emotional toll, these wigs are used to conceal hair loss and restore confidence in individuals that have lost their hair due to medical reasons. These individuals now have many options for medical wigs that look natural. You would need guidance from a licensed cosmetologist to help you achieve your desired look.

Women have been a target for salons offering medical wigs. According to many of them, wearing medical wigs during their treatment helps them feel like they are losing one less thing, 

which is a relief for most cancer patients. Without these wigs, people are stuck with covering their scalp with scarves, hats, or turbans. Wearing a medical wig allows them to maintain their privacy and avoid answering unwanted questions about their health.

How to get a medical wig?

If you are new to the idea of getting medical wigs, you would need some guidance. ` 

  1. Start by browsing different wigs and hairstyles. Take pictures of those that you find cool. They don’t have to be exactly as you would like as there is always room for customization. 
  2. Take notes of your preferred color, length, and hairstyle. It could be just like your original hairstyle, or a completely different one. The choice is yours.
  3. It is better to get a haircut before treatment or if you have started receiving treatment, reduce your hair length so it’s easier for the wig to fit on your head.
  4. It is better if you pick out your wig or customize it before undergoing treatment. This will make the process less traumatic while mentally preparing yourself to get familiar with the idea of wearing a wig.

House of Hair has licensed professionals with years of experience. We make medical wigs; we will help you achieve your desired hairstyle, so you can feel confident again.

 We also offer home services for clients that require privacy. Consultation is free.

Our Contact:  houseofhair.org or houseofhairwellness@gmail.com 

Where can You Find a Medical Wig?

Figuring out where to get an authentic medical wig from can be overwhelming. Here are some places to source for medical wigs: 

  • Online

Retailers online have a wide collection of medical wigs in all kinds of colors, lengths, and styles. There are also consultants online who help you with the process of picking the perfect wig for your scalp and personality. Shopping for wigs online allows you to get things done from the comfort of your home as well as give you plenty of privacy to deal with any overwhelming emotion.

  •  Physical Wig Store

If you are getting treated for cancer, your hospital must have given you some suggestions and recommendations regarding stores or stylists who specialize in medical wigs. You can contact these stores through cancer organizations or advertisement brochures.

 Some of these stores even arrange wig deliveries as well as wig specialists who come to your home for added privacy.

  •  Nonprofit Organizations

Cancer is an exhausting illness and there are lots of organizations that support patients during treatments. You can contact these nonprofit organizations to seek help regarding your appearance and personal needs.

The Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) movement is a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program. They support women with cancer to look and feel like themselves again. Medical wigs are an essential part of this movement. LGFB targets women undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other such treatments to help restore and enhance the appearance of cancer patients.

How Much Does a Medical Wig Cost?

Covering the costs of a medical wig is just one more item on the list of cancer-based needs. Luckily, your health insurance is required to pay half or full payment of your medical wig should you decide to go for it. A medical wig is part of the treatment and management of your illness. 

 You can approach your health insurance company by calling them and asking them if they cover a “cranial prosthesis” in your package. Be sure to mention that this cranial prosthesis is related to hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy so that they understand that it’s part of your cancer management.

 Next, ask them about the required documents and what else you need to get through the process. You will need a doctor’s prescription, the wig’s receipt (for reimbursement), and a filled insurance claim form stating the relation of the product to your medical needs. All these requirements should be enough to fulfill the cost of your medical wig.

 Choosing to get a medical wig can be an overwhelming process but it is an important step to accepting your illness and healing from it.



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